Welcome to HitsOnTen.com!  



Karen Lim-Smith, violin


Jay Smith, guitar



Karen Lim-Smith & Jay Smith have been performing together since 2000. 


They were married two years later.  Both Karen & Jay own & operate Serenata Strings, which provides live music in various combinations throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area. 



To distinguish the growing popularity and demand of the violin & guitar duo from the other groups within Serenata Strings, Karen & Jay launched Hits On Ten.  


Since all of our selections feature the violin (4 strings) and guitar (6 strings), and we play current & classic hits, hence Hits On Ten. 


Enjoy and thanks for listening!



For more information on live performances and


to purchase other recordings, please contact us at:


phone: (214) 513-1381/(214) 240-7303


email: HitsOnTen@gmail.com


website: HitsOnTen.com